Primitive Technology: Wood Ash Cement

On May 2, 2019 by Delores Scott With 0 Comments – Architects and Engineers, Blog, Home Construction, Home Furnishings, Interior Designer

Eucalyptus tree (any tree will do) Fallen bark and leaves The kiln sizzling coals Burning a lot of fabric for its ash Ash falls via grate high-quality white ash with practically no charcoal in it including ash to water Stir well Tip off excess water containing potash keep the paste which comprises the insoluble calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate Compress into pellet Take it to the forge (a kiln would also do on a bigger scale) warmth the pellet to an orange warmness Extract the pellet and let it cool Slake pellet in water Stir Crush up ancient terracotta tiles (from prior project) Add terracotta as combination (sand or gravel might also work though I’ve best tested this kind) form into shape here is one I ready 3 days prior It has set rough most importantly it’s going to no longer dissolve in water wood ash cement .